The maximum bench press test is a strength test for your upper body. A gym with the right equipment will be the most convenient place to do this test.

Step-by-Step Plan

  1. Do a proper warming up. Do a number of sets with low weight;
  2. Lie flat on the bench with your feet flat on the floor;
  3. Grab the bar slightly wider than shoulder width;
  4. Carry out one maximum repetition;
  5. The repetition has to be performed completely unassisted (no help or compensation).


One maximum bench-press repetition (lifted weight per kg of bodyweight).

Grade Grade Score (per kg of bodyweight)
Excellent > 1.60
Good 1.30 – 1.60
Average 1.15 – 1.29
Below average 1.00 – 1.14
Unsatisfactory 0.91 – 0.99
Poor < 0.90


  • Fitness bench
  • Barbell

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