The bent arms hang test is a strength test for your upper body. The test only requires a horizontal bar to hang from.

Measure Your Upper-body Strength

Upper-body strength can be tested and measured in several ways. One way is the bent arms hang test, for instance. It is about trying to hang in one position for as long as possible. Over time, the muscles in your upper back, arms, and shoulders will tire, and it will become impossible to maintain the position. It is very important that you always do the test under the same conditions and situations. So make sure the bar is the same (diameter, material, etc.) as well as the positioning of your hands.

Step-by-Step Plan

  1. Hang from the bar with your arms outstretched;
  2. Your feet cannot touch the ground;
  3. The grip you use does not matter;
  4. Pull yourself up with assistance until your chin is above the bar;
  5. Maintain this position for as long as possible;
  6. When your chin goes below the bar, the test will be done.


Write down the number of seconds and the positioning of your hands. Compare this to the next test result to see your progress.


  1. In order to ensure that your test results will improve over time, you can do muscle strengthening exercises. A number of exercises for strengthening your upper body include:
  1. It is also important to rest properly after the test. Especially if it is the first time that you do this test, you can expect sore muscles. Wait at least a day or two before performing the test again.


  • Horizontal bar

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