Bent Arms Hang Test

General The bent arms hang test is a strength test for your upper body. The test only requires a horizontal bar to hang from. Measure Your Upper-body Strength Upper-body strength can be [...]

Dips test

General The dips test is a strength test for your upper body. The test can be done using your own bodyweight and a bench. Dips: Triceps and chest muscles Dips primarily [...]

Vertical Jump Test

General The vertical jump test is extremely suitable to test the strength and ability of the lower body. The test can be used in different sports, including basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Content [...]

Sit-up Test

GeneralThe home sit up test provides a good estimation of torso strength. The test is relatively easy and can therefore be done at home.ContentThe test consists of the following components:Test period [...]

Wall Sit Test

General The wall sit test is a strength test for the lower part of the body. For the wall sit test you only need a flat wall to sit against. This makes [...]

Push-up test

General The push-up test is a strength test for the upper part of the body. The push-up test is very easy. Using the score, an athlete can see the state of the [...]

Hand Grip Strength Test

General It is assumed that a person's hand grip strength says something about the body's general strength. The hand grip strength test is an easy test to measure how strong the body [...]

Submaximal Strength Test

General The submaximal strength test is a test with which you can easily calculate your 1RM (One repeatable maximum). Testing the 1RM is often very time consuming and strenuous. That is why [...]