Agility and speed are important in many sports. However, testing these two qualities is still difficult. The Illinois Agility Test is a good test for testing agility and speed.


The test consists of the following components:

  • Extensive warming up
  • Measuring times


First do a good warming up of ten minutes during which you go through a couple of bursts of speed. This way your muscles get used to this. Start by lying face down on the floor with your hands beside your shoulders. After the start signal, you get up as quickly as possible and start the course.

The body may be turned during the test. It is important that the course is completed as fast as possible, without mistakes of course. If a cone falls over, the test result is invalid.


  1. First do a good warming up of ten minutes;
  2. Start behind the line in a standard starting position Sprint forwards to the first cone;
  3. Then move back towards the center and to the other side;
  4. Move to one of the sides with shuffle steps;
  5. Go back to the center with shuffle steps;
  6. From the center, you move backwards, back to the starting line;
  7. The time stops once you pass the starting line again.


  • Everyone has a preferred side. This can mainly be seen from the rotation speed. For this reason, it is also a good idea to swap the start and finish, to check whether there is a difference between left and right.
  • Do not slow down before the end, but keep running until you cross the line.
  • It is a relatively short test. Do not save your strength, but immediately give everything you have!
  • Wear good shoes that provide a lot of grip. You need to twist and turn a lot in this test.



Number of seconds Meaning
< 15.1 Excellent
15.2 – 16.1 Good
16.2 – 18.1 Average
18.2 – 18.3 Below average
> 18.3 Poor


Number of seconds Meaning
< 16.9 Excellent
17.0 – 17.9 Good
18.0 – 21.7 Average
21.8 – 23.0 Below average
> 23.0 Poor

Required equipment

For this test you need the following:

  • Eight cones
  • Measuring tape
  • Stopwatch or timing gates
  • Illinois agility test course

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