If you want to be accepted into police training, you will have to pass a rigorous selection procedure. That should not come as a surprise. After all, it is an important job with many responsibilities. The selection procedure of the police training program in the Netherlands is as follows:

  1. The application;
  2. Intake interview;
  3. Selection component A: language test, intelligence test, fitness test;
  4. Selection component B: session with psychologist, role-playing game;
  5. Medical examination;

In this article: Lowering of Requirements Professionally Fit Test by Dutch Police Union (May 2019)

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What does the police test consist of?

For many of the items listed above preparing is difficult and are simply things you have to go through. Think of the medical examination and the intake interview. However, the fitness test is a component you definitely can prepare for! This article goes into more detail about what will be asked of you during the police training fitness test.

The fitness test is  a component you can definitely prepare for

The police training fitness test is often abbreviated as FVT. This stands for “Fysieke Vaardigheden Toets,” or physical skills test. As the name suggests, the test looks at the physical skills that you would need to properly carry your tasks as a police officer. Physical skills that are part of the test are:

  • Sprinting
  • Pushing & pulling
  • Jumping & landing
  • Ducking
  • Lifting & moving
  • Twisting & turning

As part of the fitness test, you will run five laps of a course as fast as you can. In order to be able to complete this course, it is important that you:

When will I have passed the police fitness test?

Something that stands out is that people who played sports games such as handball, football, or tennis often have less trouble with the test than people who only work out at a gym, for instance. That is because game sports often involve a combination of interval and endurance trai