Everyone who chooses to become a marine, has to pass a so-called marine selection test (MAST). The MAST takes 2.5 days and often offers a good indication of whether you have what it takes to become a marine.


You first fill out a medical history form that is used to check your history as a patient. If no issues are found, you will be allowed to participate in the MAST.

Fitness Test

A general fitness test will be administered as part of the MAST. It consists of the following components:

  • Running at least 2,700 meters in 12 minutes, that is an average speed of 13.5 km/h (cooper test);
  • At least 4 pull-ups;
  • At least 30 push-ups;
  • At least 30 sit-ups;
  • Completing a cross-country obstacle run.

Marines Training Competencies

These 2.5 days will also include a carefully assessment of whether you have mastered the six following competencies:

  • Cooperation
  • Responsibility
  • Initiative
  • Ability to learn
  • Independence
  • Results oriented

These are competencies that are considered essential for every marine in the Netherlands Marine Corps.

Components & Assignments of the MAST test

A number of other components and assignments will also be performed during the MAST. During these assignments, it is important that you work well with others and can perform under time pressure. The assignments are:

  • a PT session
  • a swim test
  • descending the climbing tower
  • competency test
  • a combined march/speed march

During the MAST it will become clear if you have what it takes to meet the corps values of camaraderie, strength, and dedication. These values are the foundation in the marines training.

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