The triple hop test is a test that looks the difference between your affected and healthy leg. The triple leg hop test is often used in the rehabilitation process.


The test consists of the following components:

  • Warming up
  • Measuring times
  • Comparing left to right


Do a good warm-up. Do not overdo it: exhaustion can affect the test results. Stand behind the starting line, on your healthy leg. Propel yourself and try to jump as far as possible, then jump twice and try to stop moving. If you fall over or need to take a correcting step, the test is invalid.

Write down the end result in centimeters and repeat the exercise with the affected leg. Jump three times right and three times left. The average of the three jumps is your final score. Compare the scores of both sides


  1. Stand behind the starting line on your healthy leg;
  2. Propel yourself and try to jump as far as possible;
  3. Try to stand still and retain your balance. If you fall over, the test is invalid;
  4. Write down the end result in centimeters;
  5. Calculate with the calculator the difference between your healthy leg and your affected leg.


The triple hop test looks at the “performance” difference between the healthy and affected leg. Sometimes this is indicated in percentage %. This is also called the Limb Symmetry Index.

Men & Women

< 10% or lower Good
10% to 20% Reasonable
20% to 30% Average
> 30% or higher Poor

Required equipment

For this test you need the following:

  • Measuring tape

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