Your body fat percentage can be measured in different ways. The most frequently used method is the skinfold measurement. For this test, you do need some knowledge and equipment that not everyone has. There is also a method with which you only need a measuring tape and scale.

In calculating your BMI, only your body weight is considered. The BMI does not consider the relationship between muscle mass/body fat. By calculating your body fat percentage, you know how the body compositions are doing. This way you can also easily calculate the fat-free mass and muscle mass.


The test consists of the following components:

  • Measuring moment


Based on a couple of data about your body, you can calculate your body fat percentage. Body fat collects on different parts of male and female bodies. This is the reason there are two different formulas for calculating body fat percentage. Men often have their body fat in the belly area, women in the hip area.

Calculate your body fat percentage at home

Body fat percentage is calculated based on your gender, body weight, body height, neck circumference, waste circumference, and hip circumference (only for women). The formula only applies to men and women older than 18 and with a normal physique. This test is not suitable for people with anorexia or morbid obesity.


For men, all measurements in centimeters:

%Fat = 86.010 * LOG (belly – neck) – 70.041 * LOG(height) + 30.30


For women, all measurements in centimeters:

%Fat = 163.205 * LOG (belly + hips – neck) – 97.684 * LOG(height) – 104.912



20-39 40-59 60-79
Low < 8% < 11% < 13%
Good 8% t/m 20% 11% t/m 22% 22% t/m 28%
Too high 20% t/m 25% 22% t/m 28% 25% – 30%
Much too high > 25% > 28% > 30%


20-39 40-59 60-79
Low < 21% < 23% < 24%
Good 21% t/m 33% 23% t/m 34% 24% t/m 36%
Too high 33% t/m 39% 34% t/m 40% 36% t/m 42%
Much too high > 39% > 40% > 42%

Body fat percentage too high?

A body fat percentage that is too high can cause unpleasant complaints over time. The vascular system and organs become compressed because of the amount of fat and this pressure will only increase over time. Fat plays an important role in the development of diseases and conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, or cerebral infarction. This is why it is important to keep your body fat percentage within healthy margins. You can do this by getting enough exercise and choosing an active lifestyle.

Required equipment

For this test you need the following:

  • Scale
  • Height measure

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