Measuring Body Height

General Measuring the body height can provide a clear idea of your growth curve. The test can also be used as an evaluating measurement tool. Content The test consists of the following [...]

Flamingo Balance Test

General The Flamingo balance test is a test to determine how well you can stand on one leg. This says something about your balance. The Flamingo test is a good tool for [...]

Coordination Test

General You can easily measure your hand-eye coordination with the coordination test (wall throw). Throw a ball against the wall and see how often you can do this. Content The test consists [...]

Par-Q Questionnaire

General The Par-Q questionnaire is a survey you can use to determine whether you can start to exercise more without consulting your doctor or therapist. After answering seven simple questions, you know [...]

Peak Flow Measurement

General The Peak Flow Measurement measures the strength of exhaling. This test is often used in healthcare to look at the peak flow of, for instance, COPD patients. If the strength is [...]

Functional Movement Screen

General Thanks to this test, you can get a clear impression of the weak links in your body when it comes to balance, strength, and flexibility. The battery of tests consists of [...]

Triple Leg Hop Test

General The triple hop test is a test that looks the difference between your affec