Lian’s test is a very easy test to make a global estimation of your endurance at home.


The test consists of the following components:

  • Test period of one minute
  • The heart rate is measured at two instances


You start the test by measuring your resting heart rate. Write this down. Then start with knee lifts. Do this for one minute. Try to maintain a speed of two movements per second. After the test, you measure how quickly you return to your resting heart rate.


  1. Lie down on the floor and measure your resting heart rate. Write down this number;
  2. Start with the test. Alternate lifting your left and right leg. Apply a rhythm of two movements per seconds;
  3. After the test, measure your heart rate every fifteen seconds. Check how fast this is back to your resting heart rate.

Recovery time

Time Rating
< 1 minute Excellent
1 to 2 minutes Good
2 to 3 minutes Average
> 3 minutes Poor

Required equipment

For this test you need the following:

  • Assistant to indicate pace
  • Heart rate sensor

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