Vo2 Max Score

General See the tables and results of the VO2 Max Score below. Did you score well or not so well? The Astrand cycle test is an easy submaximal test that says something [...]

Lian’s Test

General Lian's test is a very easy test to make a global estimation of your endurance at home. Content The test consists of the following components: Test period of one minute The [...]

Harvard step test

General The Harvard Step Test is a test used to measure endurance. This test was developed during the Second World War by Brouiha et al. (1943). The Harvard Step Test is easy [...]

Cooper Test for Children

General The Cooper Test for children is a way to measure the general endurance level. As large a distance as possible must be completed in twelve minutes. The larger the distance, the [...]

Ruffier Dickson test

General With the Ruffier Dickson Test you can easily determine your endurance at home. The test is based on three different heart rate measuring moments. The Ruffier Dickson Index can then be [...]

Conconi Test (Running)

General The Conconi Test is a maximal test in which resistance and heart rate gradually increase. At first, the heart frequency and the resistance increase linearly. At a certain moment a deviation [...]