Complete E-book With All Sports Tests

Theoretical And Practical Manual

Are you looking for a useful guide that describes more than 40 sports tests? This e-book contains an overview we composed of the most important sports tests currently available. Every test is extensively described so you can easily do them yourself. Additionally, the tests are, where possible, substantiated with literature. Do you want to start immediately? Download the complete e-book with all sports tests!

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Expand your knowledge with this E-book

Use this e-book as reference during your own work as a physical therapist, personal trainer, student, or sports enthusiast. Discover new tests and compare your own results to the “standard values”.

Which test do you use to determine your endurance? Do you need to use different tests for children? What is the best method to calculate your body fat percentage? The internet provides a lot of information, but because there is so much information you do not know which sources are reliable and correct.

With the complete e-book with all sports tests, we help you to get an overview of which sports tests are generally used and how you can use these in practice. In addition, we are as up to date as possible, so you know the latest sports tests developments.

This is what you will get

A 133-page E-book filled with:

The complete e-book with all sports tests” contains 40 explained sports tests, complete with detailed protocol, list of equipment, standard values, and a reference list where possible. We tell your how you should implement a test and how you can interpret it.

The e-book provides an overview of the large database of tests that are available on the Testsforsports website. The e-book is divided into five main categories, so each test can easily be found.

Print the protocols of the tests and use these for training purposes. The layout, the overview, and the clear instructions create a great look. The protocols are also extremely suitable for students and sport-related professions.

In addition to the texts that are already available on the Testsforsports website, the “complete e-book with all sports tests” has further information. Such as, where possible, literature.

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