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Profession Sport Tests

All Sports, Fitness & Endurance Tests on One Website!

As an athlete, you want to measure your performance. After all, to measure is to know. But where do you start? And do you need specialist knowledge for this? Absolutely not! On we have made all tests as accessible as possible. Sport specific, fitness tests, strengths, speed, balance and more. The tests are easy to apply and easy to implement. From the popular Astrand cycle test to the useful BMI calculator.

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Harvard step test


Choose one of our strength tests to discover how you are doing when it comes to your strength. Use our useful calculators and discover how you score in your age group.


From sprint tests to agility tests. In our speed category, you can find all tests that evaluate your speed. Useful for you or the athletes you work with.


Tests that do not belong to a specific group are placed in our other category. Think of measuring the body fat percentage and our useful BMI calculator.


Flexibility plays an important role in many sports. With the tests in this category you can discover the status of your flexibility or the flexibility of your athletes.


The Cooper test, Astrand cycle test, and the Harvard Step Test. These and many other tests are provided in our endurance category. Someone’s endurance says something about this person’s stamina.

Popular Sports Tests

Astrand Cycle Test

The Astrand cycle test is an easy submaximal test that says something about your endurance/stamina. The test is easy to carry out.

VO2 Max Score

A person’s VO2 max says something about the maximum oxygen intake of this person. The maximum oxygen intake says something about the endurance.

Single Leg Hop Test

The single leg hop test is a test that looks at the difference between your affected and healthy leg.

Submaximal Strength Test

The submaximal strength test is a test with which you can easily calculate your 1RM (One repeatable maximum).

Sit and Reach Test

The sit and reach test is an easy test to measure the flexibility of your torso and the lower part of your body.

Skinfold Measurement: Body Fat Percentage 

With the skinfold measurement, you can precisely calculate your body fat percentage at home. It is possible to make an estimation of the fat mass by measuring the skinfold at a number of points using a skinfold meter.

Newest Sports Tests

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